Game Of Thrones S5 Ep9: The Dance of Dragons

After the ice and snow of Hardhome, The Dance of Dragons centred on fire, with a number of self-serving actions likely to have long-term repercussions.

You can read my full review of episode nine of Game of Thrones on the Metro website here.

Davos says goodbye to Shireen (Image: HBO)

Davos says goodbye to Shireen (Image: HBO)

Game of Thrones season 5

The 40 things you need to know before season 5 starts

5.1 The Wars to Come

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5.2 The House of Black and White

5.3 preview

5.3 High Sparrow

5.4 preview

5.4 Sons of the Harpy

5.5 Kill the Boy

5.6 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

5.7 The Gift

5.8 Hardhome

3 Comments on Game Of Thrones S5 Ep9: The Dance of Dragons

  1. I confess I still feel traumatised…. But I’m very interested in the difference between what happened here and what’s happened (so far) in the books.

    I don’t want to spoil them for anyone who hasn’t read them yet, but the analagous event in the books caused Jon to make a really difficult ethical choice that made him a bit less sympathetic (to me, anyway). In the show, he’s still one of the few characters who hasn’t done anything much morally dubious (unless I’ve forgotten something*) – there’s him; Sam; Brienne & Pod; Bran and Rickon and their protectors. Maybe Doran (if I’ve got that name right) though he’s a shadow of himself in the show compared to the books owing to half the Dorne storyline having been omitted. Anyone else?

    *I suppose he did betray his Watcher oath with Ygritte, but apparently a blind eye gets turned to that particular infraction; killing the Lord Commander was more dubious, but ultimately done under orders (I thought this was quite unclear in the show, though).

    Makes me wonder if he’s being set up to be king – with his ethical choice being whether or not he betrays his Watcher oath for real.

  2. The ending with the dragon partially redeemed another harrowing episode of horrible people doing horrible things. I feel this year I’ve survived Game of Thrones rather than actually enjoyed it. Rape, infanticide, paedophilia, oh what fun. Maybe it’s time to stop watching.

  3. I’m okay with bad characters doing bad things, particularly when we know their nemesis is just around the corner. It’s when characters that I previously thought were good – or at least redeemable – do evil things that I start to lose faith a bit. (I really, really hoped that Stannis was going to come to his senses in time, and that seeing just how far over the line Melisandre was prepared to drag him would start him on some kind of redemptive path. But this is GoT and that kind of hope is almost always in vain…)

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