The Voice S4 Ep1: 15 things we noticed during the first blind auditions

The Voice returned for its fourth series with a new judge, Rita Ora, and ten tension-filled auditions. Here are 15 things we noticed while watching last night’s opening episode.

You can read my full review of episode one of The Voice on the Metro website here.

The Voice season 4


2 Comments on The Voice S4 Ep1: 15 things we noticed during the first blind auditions

  1. I waited till I watched the programme on catch up last night before reading this as I didn’t want to catch any spoilers! Have any past finalists from the The Voice achieved anywhere near the success of past XFactor finalists? I’m not aware of any myself (but then I’m not always up to speed on current music – I listen to it, but usually don’t register the artists’ names!). I’m not surprised that people were reluctant to pick Rita, not that I have anything against her, it’s just that she’s not proven as a coach let, which is what you said; Ricky was in that position last year, but now he is more tried and tested, they’re willing to pick him. Will’s metaphors are indeed strange, in fact a bit cringeworthy at times! I do like him though 🙂

    • Nope, none of the finalists have made any significant dent on the charts, not even with their debut single. It doesn’t lessen the entertainment value of the show but it does somewhat harm its credibility as a showcase for creating successful new talent. Nonetheless, viewing figures for the first episode remained strong so audiences seem to still be okay with everything.

      Will makes little sense but he certainly adds to the entertainment factor, especially when Tom and Ricky tend to play things pretty straight down the middle.

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