The Apprentice S10 Ep12 preview: 6 spoiler-free teasers for the final

After 11 gruelling weeks on The Apprentice, it comes down to Bianca Miller versus Mark Wright tonight as the competition to find Lord Sugar‘s next business partner comes to a conclusion.

Will Bianca or Mark become Lord Sugar’s latest business partner? (Image: BBC)

But what’s going to happen and who will win? Here are six things to watch out for:

1. The venue for this year’s final is the Bloomsbury Ballroom within Victoria House in Bloomsbury Square, London. It’s a rather splendid art deco-inspired space dating back to the 1920s.

2. Eight former candidates are brought back to help the two finalists. Bianca chooses Katie, Felipe, Lauren and Daniel. Mark selects Solomon, Sanjay, James and Sarah.

3. “You’re looking like you might be a bit of a Charlie.” But who’s saying it to whom and why?

4. While conducting market research, one of the teams comes across a potential customer who is already willing to spend money with them.

5. One team member complains bitterly about “a poor managerial decision” that wastes their time.

6. Songs by Alicia Keys, Avicii, Madonna and OneRepublic.

Find out the answer to all these and more at 9pm!

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2 Comments on The Apprentice S10 Ep12 preview: 6 spoiler-free teasers for the final

  1. Tim, you tease! Looking forward to this later. I’ve got an old friend visiting and, hate to say it, I’ll be trying to offload her come 9pm!!

    • As ever, GK, I’m fairly restricted in terms of what I’m allowed to reveal in advance of the episode – to the extent that I still don’t know who’s won, as my preview copy is missing the closing portion of the boardroom. That makes writing tonight’s review … challenging!

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