The Apprentice S10 Ep11 preview: 8 teasers for the interviews

With the final five candidates in this year’s edition of The Apprentice facing their toughest test yet as they head into the dreaded interview round, here are eight teasers for tonight’s episode, in which this year’s two finalists will be revealed.

A nerve-shredding day of interviews for the final five (Image: BBC)

A nerve-shredding day of interviews awaits this year’s final five (Image: BBC)

We already know this year’s final five are Bianca Miller, Daniel Lassman, Mark Wright, Roisin Hogan and Solomon Akhtar but here are eight teasers relating to our five interviewees.

Can you tell which of the candidates:

1. Is told by Claude Littner that their application form and CV “filled me with pleasure”.

2. Will, according to their business plan, have used up Lord Sugar’s entire £250,000 investment by month two.

3. Lied on their CV about an award they received.

4. Is revealed to be the owner of a top 100 start-up.

5. Says of themselves, “Ever since I was little I’ve wanted to be a businessman/woman.”

6. Has a business plan that hinges on a product/service that they believe to be unique that actually isn’t.

7. Is so shaken up by a question in one interview that they are reduced to tears in their next.

8. Is told by one of the interviewers, “Frankly, it’s a bloody disgrace … You’re taking the piss.”

Find out the answer to all these and more at 9pm!

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1 Comment on The Apprentice S10 Ep11 preview: 8 teasers for the interviews

  1. I think that this batch of candidates will make for entertaining interviews…there is no Stuart “the brand” Baggs but the combination of Daniel and Mark should provide entertainment as their credentials are examined! Can’t wait

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