4 Comments on Is Matt Smith the best Doctor ever?

  1. He is great but his run has also been marred by too much silliness for my taste and in some stories (The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, for example) he’s like some hyperactive toddler. In the end, I thought he was brilliant in The 11th Hour but I didn’t really see his Doctor develop much past that.

    • I know exactly what you mean, GK. The Eleventh Hour was definitely the strongest debut story I have seen of any Doctor. But there have definitely been times when he’s had (or been asked) to play the Doctor too much as Harold Lloyd or Stan Laurel.

      I do also think it’s difficult to separate performances from writing, though. In that vein, great actor thought Tennant is, I really switched off his Doctor towards the end because RTD made him too shouty and angsty and, well, human. (I may be the only Who fan in the world who hated – absolutely hated with a passion – the Doctor/Rose love story.)

      The current of otherworldliness with just a tiny hint of underlying age that is key to the Doctor is something I think Smith has carried off well, if not better than his two predecessors. When he’s needed to be serious – the back half of The Day of the Doctor, for instance, he more than held his own against Tennant and Hurt. I was really, REALLY concerned when his casting was first revealed – too young, not enough of a body of work behind him – but I’ve been really impressed at the way he has taken everything that’s been thrown at him and given 100% commitment to the part. As a character I preferred McCoy’s Doctor. As an actor/character combo, though, Smith is superior to McCoy for me, and to any of the others (at least those in my lifetime).

      I’ve always been intrigued by the Eighth Doctor, though. The TV movie was terrible, but I like McGann as an actor and I REALLY liked him in the Night of the Doctor minisode.

  2. >>(I may be the only Who fan in the world who hated – absolutely >>hated with a passion – the Doctor/Rose love story.)

    No you’re not!

    Smith is the only actor who has convinced me he’s an old man looking out of a young man’s eyes (young relative to beings who live for centuries, that is, not young in human terms – I’d include Hartnell in ‘young’ for this purpose.)

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